Implant Dentistry reinstates your smile: a tooth implant approach

Implant dentistry has come a long way with the introduction of osseointegration of endosseous dental implants by Per-Ingvar Branemark. Since 1982 it came into existence, the use of dental implants has grown exponentially! And, tooth implants are pretty prevalent among cosmetic dentists and their patients. Cosmetic dentists use dental implants to reinstate smiles. To keep our smile in shape is an important aspect, isn’t it? Many research findings  Despite improvements in dental care, 3 out of 5 suffer tooth loss. The only treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures for many years. But, now, the availability of dental implants, made it for dentists and wearers.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are basically an intrusion for tooth loss. There are many reasons for tooth loss: tartar buildup, poor oral hygiene, dental plaque and, tooth decay, and gum infection being some among the top reasons. Dental implants consist of an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone that creates a permanent, firm footing for a substitute tooth. Don’t get confused with other tooth replacement techniques with implants; because it replaces both the tooth and the root.

What is the need for dental implants?

Before we start mentioning the benefits or reasons for dental implants, let’s read what NCBI says;

“The face is widely regarded as a symbol of “self” and a smile as a window into one’s personality. Teeth play important roles in the maintenance of a positive self-image, and loss of teeth may result in significant disabilities that can profoundly disrupt social activities. Tooth loss may be traumatic and upsetting, and it is regarded as a serious life event that requires significant social and psychological readjustment.”

Want to know more?

Maintains a natural look and provides a comfortable fit!

The sole purpose of dental implants is to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Plus, implants give you the confidence to eat, smile, and participate in social activities without worrying about; What if your dentures fall?

Improved oral health won’t affect your remaining teeth!

Though obtaining a dental implant might sound intimidating, many specialists consider tooth implantation a more traditional treatment for your missing teeth. Because implants don’t negatively affect your remaining teeth, it is regarded as a healthy approach.

Your smile needs treatment too!

It is really adventurous to get a dental implant for tooth replacement over the other options. Dental implants are beneficial as missing teeth can be replaced without affecting the adjacent teeth. If you are looking for tooth implant services, we’ll recommend you straight “Nick Dental.” They provide all dental services; just give them a consultation call, you’ll get to know them!

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