Broken or chipped tooth: can be a Dental Emergency

A broken or chipped tooth is normal amongst adults and children but can be pretty annoying, aren’t they? Of course, tooth enamel is the hardest part/ tissue in mammals, but they are not so indestructible. Tooth decay and cavities are one reason, but other internal; external factors can also crack them. Yes, you might not be aware of all of those, but teeth can get damaged in many ways. You might have heard or witnessed split teeth, fractured teeth, cracked and chipped teeth; this is what we’re talking about. In fact, craze lines are one in that category of tooth cracking. Though they aren’t painful, they do look ugly, and no wonder these craze lines drive you crazy with worry! Well, be it craze line, cracked tooth, or tooth chipping, you better don’t avoid it, no matter what!

Tooth cracks: always not noticeable!

If you think tooth cracks are easily visible and you’ll get to know if you get any, then you have to change your belief. In fact, any part of a tooth can be cracked; you never know, the crack can be seeable, or maybe not! But if not treated or covered under dental procedures, it can run in any direction. Who knows which way it’ll take, but dentists say a crack can penetrate the whole tooth and result in major tooth damage. That’s the reason half tooth broken treatment came into existence, to deal with these terrifying dental issues.

What’s behind tooth cracks?

The underlying cause can be too much bite force sustained on the teeth. According to dentists, cracked teeth occur due to tooth grinding, time (age), trauma, and other external factors based on our lifestyle. It is observed that toot cracks are more often the results of tooth endurance, i.e., the stress over the tooth, harsh chewing habits, etc. Below here are other factors which result in a broken or chipped tooth:

  • Uneven biting and chewing patterns, even fingernail biting, sometimes result in craze lines (a pre-stage of tooth crack). For example; Cutting or ripping off bottles and lids with teeth,
  • Biting and chewing Frozen foods (ice) and hard or non-food objects.
  • Prolonged teeth grinding and clenching stretch can also be the reason for chipped teeth.
  • Also, sudden temperature change leads to tooth cracks, like taking a sip of hot tea or coffee right after having ice cream.
  • Trauma is one of the uncontrollable factors that may result in tooth cracks—for instance, getting hit on the face, especially the mouth, during contact sports or accidents.
  • You might not believe it, but tooth cracks can appear due to your past dental drillings and fillings. Yes, undoubtedly, large and old amalgam fillings weaken your teeth and result in damages.

Notable signs of a broken or chipped tooth

People often have cracked teeth without even realizing this basically depends on the crack’s location and seriousness. Aforementioned, sometimes you might not have any symptoms of a cracked tooth. But do bother if you feel or notice sudden pain, sensitivity, or swelling.
Anyways, below here are the common symptoms of tooth cracks:

  • Sudden pain while eating (chewing or biting)
  • Swollen gums and the area around the tooth
  • Sudden tooth sensitivity, i.e., sensitivity towards sweetness, hot and even cold food items.
  • Intermittent pain and discomfort around the gums.
  • Be aware craze lines also turn into painful tooth cracks.

Let your dentist deal with it!

A broken or cracked tooth can be treated at home; excuse Me, not really! It will help if you visit your dentist right after facing such dental emergencies. In fact, you should go with Nikahd Dental if you are based in CA. They offer tooth cracks, craze lines, and the half tooth is broken treatment here.

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