Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Why,How & When?

Despite their name, wisdom teeth don’t actually make anyone wiser, but extracting them could be a wiser decision. These late-stage devil heads molars often cause extreme pain and restlessness when they erupt from the gums. Not only are they painful, but they also crowd your existing teeth and sometimes change your jawline too!

More worse, wisdom teeth contribute to jaw alignment, sinus issues, long-term, damaging cavities, and cysts, according to some studies! Even though some lucky people don’t go through painful experiences and discomforts of wisdom teeth, wisdom tooth extraction still becomes compulsory. Obviously, one among the vestigial organs causes ache and uneasiness; what’s the point of keeping it inside?

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

Why do we need to remove them? Why do we have them anyway? Long story short, they are used to serve a purpose! Thousand years back, wisdom teeth were precious to our ancestors as they had a different diet than we consume today. We eat softer foods and have knives and forks to cut down food better, unlike olden days.

Early humans used to eat wild foods that required a lot of chewing and the back molars (wisdom teeth) helped them break down their food easily. Unlike in the old days, we have different lifestyles and food consumption habits, which apparently require no back molars. That’s how tooth extraction emerged as a standard procedure! Below are reasons you should get a wisdom tooth extraction:

To make room in your mouth!
There is not enough space in the jaw when a wisdom tooth grows; we all know that. Of course, due to evolution in the human head and mouth, the human jaw started to get smaller. This consequently caused overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. Needless to say, these third molars do not really serve much of a purpose, significantly if they aren’t grown properly. By removing wisdom teeth, you feel an extra space, which can protect your teeth from damage. Wisdom tooth extraction also helps treat overcrowded or crooked teeth and improper jawline.

Risk of oral health concerns like; damage to the jaw and nearby teeth!
There can be chances that there are no signs of overcrowding, and the teeth are really not impacted; dentists still suggest tooth extraction; why? That is, to diminish the overall risk of oral health problems in individuals. Not only does extraction reduce oral health concerns, but it stops cavities and helps patients maintain excellent dental health persistently.

Deal with the improper face shape!
You may have heard that having your wisdom teeth out can change the shape of your face or jawline. As wisdom, tooth development both your jaws and cheeks become bumpy due to swelling. Sometimes the swelling is temporary, but in a few cases, it stays and changes the shape of the entire face. After wisdom tooth extraction, the face looks thinner after the swelling goes down, and you can regain the exact shape of your face.

Final words

Pondering how and when I should get my tooth extraction? Here… Nick Dental is the place to know all about it! Consulting a dental expert is the best way to determine if you should have your wisdom teeth extracted or not! Moreover, you can also ask when you should do a tooth extraction and how much it will cost

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