Wisdom Tooth Extraction: How & When?

All About Periapical X-Rays and Other Types of Dental X-Rays

Your dentist uses x-rays to examine your oral health thoroughly and perform significant dental procedures. Oral health check-up includes the health of roots, gums, crowns, and any implants or fillings. Interestingly different x-rays serve specific purposes; therefore, dentists use particular x-rays based on what they want to check. The write-up is about different types of

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Why,How & When?

Despite their name, wisdom teeth don’t actually make anyone wiser, but extracting them could be a wiser decision. These late-stage devil heads molars often cause extreme pain and restlessness when they erupt from the gums. Not only are they painful, but they also crowd your existing teeth and sometimes change your jawline too! More worse,

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